Krk Attractions - See and Enjoy the Best of Krk

Published: 2021-04-29

Find a perfect retreat from daily routine on Krk, be it for a weekend getaway or a longer holiday, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. After all, the island not only offers you perfect tranquility for a great rest, but also amazing places to see and activities to do. Explore Krk attractions, from cultural-historical sights to the beauty of nature, and be active outdoors along the way.

Tour of historical towns

Take a peek into the treasure chest of culture and history on Krk! Rather than singling out particular sights, experience the charm and discover the stories of old towns and villages on the island. One of the best ways to do so is to embark on a hiking adventure Camino Krk, a circular route all over the island.

Camino Krk route

Starting from Malinska, you can follow the different stages of the route which leads through the towns of Omišalj, Dobrinj, Vrbnik, Baška and Krk town. Along the way, you get to see cultural-historical Krk attractions, discover unique Glagolitic heritage and Frankopan family legacy.

Hiking is indeed an excellent way to get to know Krk. Interested in learning about traditional lifestyle on the island? Then you can also hike along the educational trail in Malinska. Want to go for a run or a stroll along the shore? Then you'll love the Paradise Road promenade from Malinska to Njivice.

Discover natural attractions on Krk

From the finest beaches to beautifully diverse nature, Krk offers you both an ideal place to rest and to be active outdoors. So, enjoy water sports, soak in the sun and relax in the shade on a beach such as Rova in Malinska. Or go on a sailing adventure to a more secluded beach on the south-west or south-east of the island.

Rova beach in Malinska  (Image source: Malinska-Dubašnica Tourist Board)

Also, visit one of the top Krk attractions - Biserujka Cave near Rudine. Explore just how different the scenery on the island can get within a few kilometres of distance. Hike or cycle from Malinska towards Glavotok along the coast through lush greenery. Go on a ride inland towards Dobrinj or go birdwatching around Lake (Njivice). How about exploring the barer southern side of the island along rougher off-road trails?

Krk is a true paradise for active holiday seekers. Download the Krk Bike app in Google Play or Apple Store and study the extensive network of trails, most of which can be used both for hiking and cycling.

Traditional events and food festivals

Learn more about the island by taking part in the festivities! Combining customs and tradition with irresistible local cuisine, these events add a special touch to Krk attractions. For example, you can get to know what life once was like on the island by visiting Lovrečeva Krk Fair or Užance in Vrbnik, both taking place in August.

Cheese plate during a food festival in Malinska (Image source: Malinska-Dubašnica Tourist Board)

There are also numerous events that combine active holidays and Krk gastronomy. So, you can cycle or hike all over the island, past vineyards, olive groves and Krk attractions. And you get to try Krk delicacies along the way, be it cheese, prosciutto, šurlice or lamb meat over a glass of žlahtina wine.

See & experience Krk attractions ... and more

Want to be active outdoors, sample the very best of Krk cuisine, see the sights or just relax? Pamper yourself with a relaxing holiday in a luxury villa on Krk, offering you absolute privacy and catering to your needs and preferences. Pair it with exciting activities and new gourmet experiences for a fulfilling holiday to remember.

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