Obzova Krk - hiking to the peak of the island and beyond

Published: 2022-04-26

Up, up, all the way to the top! Embark on a hiking adventure on the island of Krk, up to its highest peak - Obzova. Embrace the sense of accomplishment and take a moment to appreciate the view of the sea, islands and the mainland. A moment to remember. And a perfect extra touch to your stay in a beautiful villa!

The highest point of the island

569 m. That is the altitude of the highest peak on Krk called Obzova, not far from the town of Baška in the southeast of the island. In order to reach it, you go through rocky terrain with low bushes and no woods, so there is practically no natural shade. Two other highest peaks called Veli vrh (541 m) and Brestovica (555m) are also nearby. 

Once you reach the top, you will realize that you have come to the best possible lookout. Not only can you grasp the size, shape and landscapes of the island, but you can also enjoy the sight of the neighboring islands of Cres, Lošinj and Rab, Velebit mountain on the mainland, Rijeka Bay and Učka in Istria.

Trails to Obzova

There are several trails to choose from to reach Obzova: Treskavac - Veli vrh - Obzova (1,5 h hike), Bašćanska Draga - Obzova (2h hike) and Punat (Prgon) - Obzova (2,5 h hike). The first one is the easiest one - it’s a simple circular route that doesn’t require a high level of fitness and hiking experience. In other words, it’s a great choice for families and pets.

Tip:  Check the weather forecast before heading out. The bora wind can be pretty strong on the top, just as the scorching heat can be an issue in mid-summer, unless you take precautions.

More trails to explore 

Obzova … and so much more! The island of Krk is well-known for its elaborate network of trails, most of which can be used both for hiking and cycling. For example, Malinska-Dubašnica offers you a variety of routes for being active outdoors

You can take a light walk from Malinska towards Njivice along the Rajska cesta (Eng. Paradise road) path with lush Mediterranean greenery. Or go towards Porat and Glavotok on a quest of secluded coves and cultural-historical heritage. Or explore the interior by heading towards the town of Krk on the southern or Dobrinj and Vrbnik on the eastern side of the island. 

Useful tips

Outdoor activities come with feel-good moments of joy, adventure and fulfillment. Just remember to download the map of trails to study them beforehand and bear in mind the weather forecast. Also, make sure you bring energy bars or other snacks and plenty of fluids, but don’t overpack. Hikers also need to make sure they have proper footwear. 

Reaching for the top 

Be active and feel inspired on your holiday on Krk! Add a special experience to your stay in a luxury villa on the island - hike to the highest peak Obzova, stroll along the coast and inland, and explore the beautiful scenery on Krk every step of the way.

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