Sights and activities on Krk

Published: 2022-08-30

Get to know the extraordinary Krk! Would you like to be active on your holiday on the island and discover what makes it stand out? No matter which luxury villa you stay in, top sights and activities on Krk are within easy reach, so make sure you experience those unique moments of discovery.

Healing mud  

Getting a bit muddy can be good for you! Even more so, when you do it in Soline Bay, between the villages of Čižići and Klimno. After all, the area is famous for its healing mud, the beneficial effects of which have been known for quite some time. So, head to Meline beach, put on some mud and look forward to a natural peeling.  Having left the mud to dry for half an hour, rinse it off and admire the smoothness of the skin.

Tropical Aquarium 

Dive into the amazing world of the tropical seas… in Krk town! The Tropical Aquarium is the first of its kind in Croatia and it offers you the opportunity to see more than 100 fish species, including the coral shark and corals, as well as 200 shell and snail species in a single place. It is located right in the heart of the historical Krk town, so you can also visit the famous cultural-historical sights: the Krk Cathedral and Frankopan Castle.  

If you find the world under the surface fascinating, there are two more aquariums on the island: Aquarium Terrarium in Krk town and Baška Aquarium


Biserujka Cave 

Marvel at the enchanting nature formations that took thousands and thousands of years to form! Biserujka Cave, situated near the village of Rudine in the north of the island, is one of the most popular natural attractions on Krk. Its underground areas called Mouth, Balcony, Shaft, Great Hall, Northern Channel, Arched Hall and Cypress Hall take your breath away while providing a nice refreshment from the hot weather. Apart from entering the cave itself, you can also take an informative 30-minute stroll along the educational trail towards Slivanjska Cove.

Baška Glagolitic Trail 

Go on a quest to discover the letters of your name in the Glagolitic alphabet! It was used by Croatians for various centuries up until the 19th century and the oldest document in Croatian language written in it actually forms part of the trail. The Glagolitic route is an excellent excuse to get to know the Baška area and learn interesting facts along the way.


Košljun islet 

Find your green oasis in the midst of Puntarska draga bay, between Krk town and Punat! Apart from being home to Franciscan Monastery with a valuable cultural-historical collection, the islet is a special reserve of forest nature. It is approximately 300 m in diameter and covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation, just perfect for a light excursion. 

Actively exploring Krk 

Plan excursions on the island and enrich your holiday experience in a luxury villa! Find out more about Krk at your own pace, admiring its top sights and enjoying fun activities for an amazing touch to your stay. 

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