Luxury Lifestyle Award for Contessa Villas

Published: 2021-07-28

Luxury villa on Krk - Contessa Villas, Luxury Lifestyle Award winner

Pamper yourself with a unique holiday experience on the island of Krk and the Adriatic coast! And entrust Contessa Villas with making it happen for you. After all, the company has been given the Luxury Lifestyle Award in 2021 for its performance in providing outstanding holiday experience. 

What are Luxury Lifestyle Awards?

Presenting to you... the very best a luxurious lifestyle has to offer! Awarded for excellence and premium quality in a variety of fields , a Luxury Lifestyle Award, as the name suggests, is given to renowned luxury goods and service providers around the world. 

The evaluation process results in a top list of luxury brands in various categories. From international corporations to small-scale companies, any business can be eligible for the award, as long as it is directed towards providing top-notch products and services.

The selection process includes a thorough look at a variety of criteria. For example, reputation, credibility, brand awareness, luxury experience, excellence, personalization, expensiveness, uniqueness and craftsmanship of a business are of the utmost importance for receiving the Luxury Lifestyle Award.  

Luxurious holiday experience in Croatia

What does it mean for you?

Guidance and trust ... for your very own luxurious experience! The lifestyle award may not have a direct impact on your holiday in Croatia. Still, it is a symbol of excellence and it gives you a sense of security that your holiday service provider can indeed make your dream holiday come true. Who better to entrust with organizing a memorable stay for you than a company that has been recognized as one of the best?

Luxury Lifestyle Award for Contessa Villas

And the award for providing luxury experiences goes to... Contessa Villas! The dedication to showcase the beauty of the Adriatic coast and landscapes while ensuring premium stay has not gone unnoticed. In other words, Contessa Villas is the proud winner of the award in 2021! 

So what makes Contessa Villas worthy of the award? The company offers carefully selected luxury villas which meet the highest standards. Still, it is not only about providing excellent holiday accommodation. In order to guarantee unparalleled holiday experience Contessa Villas goes a step further, as recognized by the Luxury Lifestyle Award.

The listed villas have distinctive and luxurious features catering to a variety of tastes. Also, a range of gastronomic services, leisure and sports activities can be arranged. Most importantly, it provides you with privacy and the opportunity to completely recharge in beautiful surroundings.