Krk island - one of the biggest in Croatia

Published: 2023-03-03

The golden one, the most populated one, the most popular … island in Croatia. Until recently, Krk was also believed to be the largest. Precise measuring aside, it remains one of the greatest ones for a seaside holiday. Especially when given the opportunity to spend it in a luxury holiday villa.

Croatia - the land of hundreds of islands

From rocks to islands, there are more than a thousand islands in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. In fact, with 1244 islands the country has the most indented coastline on the Mediterranean. Their absolute number is rather large, but it should be noted that only 5% are, in fact, inhabited. The largest among them are Cres, Krk, Brač, Hvar, Pag, Korčula, Dugi otok, Mljet, Vis and Rab. The rest includes smaller islands, as well as many untouched islets and rocks.

Which is the largest?

Krk is the biggest island in Croatia. Or is it? Following the first estimation of its size in the first half of the 19th century, it was widely believed for almost two hundred years that Krk is the largest island. The estimation was simply quoted over the years. Then, it was determined at the end of the 20th century that Cres and Krk were equal in size. Only after more precise measuring had been carried out, it became clear that Cres is, in fact, just a bit larger.

The town of Vrbnik

The town of Vrbnik (Image source: Croatian National Tourist Board

Island with the most inhabitants

Named the ‘golden island’ since Antiquity, Krk has always stood for a desirable destination. It was the ancient Romans who labeled it as such due to its pleasant climate and great living conditions. It is no surprise then that the island had settlers even in prehistoric times. Today it has more inhabitants among the islands, and it is followed by Brač and Korčula.

The most visited island

More than 200 km of coastline, with breathtaking beaches and hidden coves. Beautifully diverse landscapes, ranging from bare cliffs to areas covered in lush vegetation. Rich and unique heritage, from the remains of ancient Romans to authentic examples of Croatian culture, such as the Glagolitic heritage. All the right reasons for holidaymakers to opt for Krk as their holiday destination.

Still, there’s more. Due to its exceptional gastronomy and a wealth of leisure and sports activities, the season on Krk spans beyond the summer months, from spring through autumn. Since the island can be easily accessed by car via Krk Bridge or by plane to the airport near Omišalj, it is also popular for getaways and weekend breaks.

Luxury villa on Krk

Luxury villa on Krk

Krk the Great

It may not be the largest in terms of precise size, but Krk sure is one of the most complete islands for your seaside rest and adventure. It is a particular favorite among camping fans, as among those looking for a touch of luxury on holiday. It is an exceptional choice for families with children as well as gourmets and active holiday seekers. Simply because Krk has it all!

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