Krk Gastronomy - Delicious Food for an Unforgettable Holiday Experience

Published: 2021-04-30

Mmmm, the irresistible flavours of authentic Krk gastronomy... Enjoy your holiday with all the senses and indulge in amazing culinary delights for a complete holiday experience on the island. After all, these delicacies are truly unique products of the island and its natural environment.

Delicious stars of Krk cuisine

Nibble on some sheep cheese, possibly enriched with native herbs, and a slice or two of prosciutto. Have a mouthwatering meal made with local lamb meat. All of which are authentic products of the specific microclimate of the island and traditional cuisine. Other widely recognizable features of Krk gastronomy include presnac cake and šurlice. The latter is a type of pasta made according to a recipe passed on from one generation to another.

Within the regional cuisine of the island there are specific local specialties as well. For example, žlahtina wine from the Vrbnik area beautifully complements traditional food. Similarly, the Malinska-Dubašnica area contributes high-quality fish and seafood, prepared with native herbs and premium olive oil.

Premium olive oil rom Krk island (image source: Malinska-Dubašnica Tourist Board)

Exceptional olive oil

Pure gold of Krk gastronomy! Not only is locally produced olive oil a healthy ingredient, but it has been registered as 'protected designation of origin' and 'protected geographical indication'. The distinctive award-winning olive oil results from a centuries-old tradition. Also, the olive groves, especially in Malinska-Dubašnica, add a special touch to the landscape.

Amazing gastronomic events

Delight in delicious feasts on the island all year round! There are a number of gastronomical events taking place throughout the year. Not only do they give you a great opportunity to sample the very best of Krk gastronomy, both in traditional and modern interpretations, but they also include exciting entertainment programmes you won't want to miss.

For example, Krk Food Fest lasts a few weeks in spring and autumn. Restaurants across the island take part and offer delicious meals using seasonal ingredients. Therefore, your palate will love the specialties during the Days of Asparagus and Lamb in April and May. Staying with Contessa Villas, you can have a lovely lunch or dinner arranged at the exclusive Mulino restaurant.

Traditional Krk cuisine prepared by a chef

Special gastronomic experience

Try the amazing authentic flavours of traditional cuisine in the privacy of your accommodation unit! All you have to do is sit back, relax and let a professional chef do all the cooking. This very special experience of Krk gastronomy can be arranged while staying with Contessa Villas. 'Rent-a-chef' option is available in the months of April, May and June. So, treat yourself to delightful authentic food, as interpreted by a chef from the Mulino restaurant.

Well-rounded holiday experience

A true paradise for foodies, Krk island guarantees culinary journeys your palate will greatly appreciate. Enjoy traditional dishes out in the open in the privacy of a holiday villa or at sunset in a restaurant by the sea such as Mulino in Malinska. Just don't miss the opportunity to try the very best of Krk gastronomy, dishes made with fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Simply because it adds a special memorable experience to your holiday. Bon appetit!

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