How to Get to Krk Island

Published: 2021-05-31

It's golden, it's the largest, and it happens to be the most easily reachable Croatian island. It's Krk, your top destination in Kvarner, the northern Adriatic! Regardless if you are looking for a beach holiday or a peaceful break in the rural inland, the island has plenty to offer. Here is how you can get to Krk easily and start enjoying your stay in no time:

Excellent location

Right in the midst of Kvarner Bay! Situated in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, Krk is quite near the mainland and the vibrant city of Rijeka, the third largest city in Croatia. Its convenient location makes it a popular destination for getaways, since reaching it does not necessarily require a lot of planning ahead.

To illustrate how fast you can get to Krk, just consider a few distances from major border crossings. For example, Rupa (Croatian-Slovenian border crossing) is just 50 km away from the island. The Croatian-Hungarian border crossing Goričan is at a distance of 285 km. During the high season, consider using smaller border crossings such as Prezid or Brod na Kupi, to avoid possible heavier border crossing traffic.

Road on the island of Krk

Proximity to motorways

Have a smooth ride to your destination! The island is close to the mainland and to the elaborate network of Croatian motorways. Arriving from the continent, you need to take A6 towards Rijeka, then A7 leads almost all the way to the Krk Bridge. Coming from the south, you go along A1 motorway and then take the scenic D8 state road from Senj. That's how comfortably you can get to Krk and start your holiday!

Krk Bridge

Get ready for a lovely first impression! The Krk Bridge is a famous landmark besides offering a fast arrival onto the island. Unlike with many other Croatian islands, there is no need to queue for a ferry to reach it. Once you cross the toll-free bridge, you are just a short ride away from your final destination: Malinska (15 km), Krk town (26 km), Vrbnik (30 km), Baška (45 km).

Rijeka Airport

Flying to Krk island

Wondering about how to get to your Krk destination the most quickly? It's easy - just fly to the Rijeka Airport on the island near the town of Omišalj! The cosiest and fastest arrival is currently possible from various European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K., France and others. So, browse the available flights and know that you can reach your holiday destination within just a few hours.

Your cosy arrival to Krk

Take a deep breath of fresh air ... once you've arrived on the island! Booking just the right holiday accommodation in a wonderful settingis the first step to an amazing holiday. Reaching your destination as effortlessly as possible is the second one. Luckily, the question - how to get to Krk comfortably? - has more than one acceptable response. So, whether you arrive by air or land, your trip should be cosy and fast. After all, the 'golden' island of the Adriatic Sea is rightly known as the most accessible one.

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