Krk island for kids – 7 fun activities they will love!

Published: 2021-04-19

  1. Aquaparks

    A day at the beach with kids is even more fun when there's an aquapark!

    In Malinska, Njivice and Baška kids can play at big aquaparks. It's such a great activity for them, climbing, jumping and swimming together with other kids, while the parents are at the beach. Let them enjoy their 20 or 30 minutes of water fun!

  2. Aquaparks
  3. Semi submarine and glass boat rides

    See what's underneath the surface of the sea from the semi submarine in Malinska or Baška. A ride lasts 20-30 minues and it's a nice activity for the whole family.

    If your kids love this, then take them on a tour with a glass boat. It usually lasts around 4 hours and you will have the chance to swim in one of many secluded bays on the island, maybe even visit some nearby islets.

  4. Aquariums

    Visit Aquarium Terrarium Krk where kids can all see various fish, chameleons and snakes. It's pretty small but it's a perfect place to visit when the weather isn't nice. Don't expect much, just enjoy the view.

    A small Aquarium in Baska is also super popular with kids who enjoy spending time here watching underwater creatures.

  5. Ride a horse

    Visit Horseback riding club near Njivice for a day. It's located just next to the main road so you will find it easily. Kids can try riding a horse in a fenced area with a guide or if they have experience with horseback riding, they can join you on a private riding tour by the sea or through meadows and forrests of the island.

  6. Play with sheep

    At the agricultural farm in Omišalj on the island of Krk you can visit beautiful Immortelle fields, take instaworthy pictures with yellow flowers in the backgrounds, but also play with sheep. Sheep are numerous on Krk and provide milk to make famous island cheese. Kids just love this place!

  7. Get muddy!

    Want to spend a day at the beach to remember? Head to an unusual beach Meline in Cizici with kids and cover each other in mud before taking a swim. Fun guaranteed!

  8. beach Meline
  9. Adrenaline Activities!

    Older kids are sometimes bored when vacationing with parents so offer them exciting activities to do by themselves or with you.

    Let them have fun engaging in various summer sports and activities on the island, from stand up paddling, water skiing, jet surfing and diving to karting and zipline.

Choose a family friendly accommodation on the island of Krk and enjoy your Croatian holidays to the max!

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